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First Legion

First Legion Napoleonic Prince Pointowski Mounted Figure


First Legion British Light Co. and Indian Scout


First Legion: BB002 US 75mm Winter M4 Sherman Tank - 10th Armored Division


first legion 60mm imperial roman legionaries attacking 2 figs #ROM151/52 -mib


First Legion: ROM036 German Warrior Swinging Club


RUSSTAL014 Russian Sniper "Diversion" by First Legion


First Legion: NAP0172 Russian 12lb Heavy Field Piece


BB031 German King Tiger - 3rd Co SS Leibstandarte by First Legion


AG016 Alexander the Great by First Legion


First Legion NAP0247 French 5th Cuirassier Trooper Charging


NAP0133 Russian Soumsky Hussar Private with Lance by First Legion (RETIRED)


GERSTAL042 - German Felgendarme with Guard Dog - WWII - First Legion


First Legion American Revolution British 5th Regiment of Foot 60mm Metal


First Legion: AWI017 Continental Militia Kneeling Firing


First Legion: Standard Bearer - Gordon Highlanders. Fine In Box. Retired


First Legion: ROM121 Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry with Spear - Ala II Flavia


First Legion German Tiger I, Battle of the Bulge


first legion 60mm Napoleon & staff during battle 7 figures + #NAP0030 -mib OOP


First Legion: Standard Bearer - French Line Infantry. Fine In Box. Retired


first legion 60mm German Opel blitz truck in winter 1942-43 2figs #VEH007 mib


SAM021 Mtd. Samurai Charging w/Yari & Sashimono - Takeda Clan by First Legion


First Legion - ROM018 - Roman Legionnaire Helping Wounded - Rome - RETIRED


AWI057 General George Washington by First Legion


ROM118 Imperial Roman Auxiliary Cavalry Standard Bearer - Ala II by First Legion


NAP0124 Russian Akhtyrsky Hussar NCO by First Legion (RETIRED)


SAM024 Mtd. Samurai Charging w/Katana & Sashimono - Takeda Clan by First Legion


First Legion: AG016 Alexander the Great


First Legion: ZUL032 British 17th Lancers Trooper #1


NAP0240 French Aide-de-Camp Charging by First Legion (RETIRED)


First Legion - CRU029 - Mamluk Warrior with Sword and Shield - Crusades